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Home Score

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Home Score users have one goal in mind: Find the perfect home in today’s fast-paced real estate market. Join users everywhere who use Home Score to keep the many houses they’ve searched straight in order to find their home. Real estate listings quickly become a mixed up jumble in your mind, especially after looking at several in a day or over the course of a month. Home Score allows users to individually rate categories and take photos of each listing to help find the home that is right for you. This easy-to-use app will compile the averages using your ratings and help you find your winning home.-Rate each category: Quickly and easily start a list for each property you look at. The kitchen needs upgrades? Score it 2 out of 5. Amazing master bath? 5 out of 5! Home Score will keep your ratings in over 20 categories and help you compare properties easily.
-Take photos of properties: Add photos of each property to your listing. Beautiful backyard with underground pool? Click! Ugly carpet? Click! Perfect living room with space for your gaming system? Click! The photos will be organized according to property to help you look back at see your favorite features when making decisions.
-Designed by a Real Estate Professional:Home score was created by a Realtor after noticing clients had a hard time keeping track of the many listings they viewed. Home Score was developed using years of industry experience and keeping clients needs in mind.
-Feel confident when making real estate decisions: Choosing a home is one of the biggest decisions you will make. Feel confident that you chose the home that is right for you when using Home Score.